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Outdoor Garden Bench

The most popular type of outdoor garden bench is the simple wooden garden bench. There is an article on this site dedicated to the wooden garden bench, so I recommend you go read that article as well. There are of course many different types of outdoor garden benches. No matter how much you want to spend you will find an outdoor garden bench that is perfect for your garden or landscape.

Some of the most popular makes of outdoor garden benches are

* Stone
* Wood
* Plastic
* Brick
* Or a combination of some of the above

Marble and stone are very popular but can be quite expensive. They are also hard, so depending on where you are going to put your outdoor garden bench will depend on what you can use to cushion the seats with.There is no use putting expensive cushions and pillows on an outdoor garden bench that is going to get wet.

The only way to test the comfort of an outdoor garden bench is of course to sit on it. You will also be able to tell how sturdy and reliable it is when you sit down on it. Most suppliers and manufacturers of outdoor garden benches will tell you exactly how much weight can actually be supported by their product. If you are unsure, make sure you ask someone how much weight your outdoor garden bench can support.

If you want to turn your patio into an outdoor living area, an outdoor bench would be a great idea. A simple white wooden garden bench with pillows would make an excellent addition to your porch. Make sure to extend the life of your cushions to store them when they are not in use.

If you want to save money on buying an outdoor garden bench, try buying all your outdoor material at the onset of winter. Most hardware and outdoor stores reduce their prices drastically at the start of winter to make room for new stock coming in.

If you decide to buy a wood outdoor garden bench, especially in woods like teak, make sure you look after them well. Oiling the wood up is a good idea, and make sure to check for termites and any other creatures that may destroy your bench.

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