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Garden Bench Storage

Not only can your garden bench be used for sitting on and making your garden or landscape look attractive, they can also be used for storage. That's right, garden bench storage to the rescue. This is perfect for the family with kids or even the messy husband, or maybe the wife who likes to garden and needs a place to store her tools.

You can see an example of a garden bench storage by visiting the website link below.....

As you can see from that picture, the garden bench has a storage facility neatly tucked away underneath the bench. Garden bench storage units can be made from just about any material, but are mostly made in woods like teak or hardwood.

That specific bench is well designed and can be used just as easily as a simple and comfortable place to sit, with the cushion included. You can of course get garden bench storage units a bit more simple in design and cheaper in price. You will have to sacrifice on the quality of the wood and it probably wont come with a back on it.

If you are quite the handyman, you might even consider building your own garden bench storage. This is something I did, with plans I found off the Internet, and it turned out very well and most of the material I had sitting around the place anyway.

You can find sample garden bench storage plans by visiting the website link below....

It all depends on what the major purpose of you garden bench storage unit is for. If it's more for appeal and for people to sit on, the first picture I showed you is the way to go. If you are however, short on cash and you want a storage unit that can also be used as a bench, then the second picture is the way to go.

You of course don't have to make it yourself. You can find those sort of storage benches at just about any good nursery, homeware or hardware store.

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